Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Concrete and boat trip

Yesterday was spent helping move concrete down into the bottom of the ship to strengthen the damaged areas. Everyone was keen to help so in the end no-one had to do too much. All went smoothly but it hasn't set enough for taking on fuel tomorrow, so now likely we'll bunker Thursday morning and sail Thursday afternoon, hopefully it will still be light. Unfortunately we've had to lose some of the work along the Antarctic Peninsula, which would have been really interesting. Does mean that I should make it back in time for my viva though, flights from Falklands permitting.

Quite a lot of work on the computers this morning and evening, setting things up. Also picking the computer tech's brains about the kit and reading the manuals to see how they actually collect and produce the data. Spent the afternoon out on a boat trip to Kidney Island, just out from Stanley. Really good to see more of the coastline and a couple of small islands that have maintained their covering of Tussac Grass. Definite highlight was a group of 6 Peale's Dolphins that played around the boat for about half an hour. Also some Sea Lions, the first albatrosses of the trip and a few more seabirds. Got a bit choppy at times and a few guys got something of a soaking with the spray but everyone's humour and cameras survived.

Some photos:

Peale's Dolphins - incredible views under the bow, wish I'd had the short lens on.

Black-browed Albatross - being south feels much more real now. Will see many more of these, and should get better photos.

Imperial Shag - not making much better progress than the boat

Tussac grass on Kidney Island - only small pockets left on the mainland due to pressure from farming.

Gentoos on the beach

Gentoo heading for the beach
Gentoos heading away from the beach

Stanley from the sea


Elaine said...

Beautiful photographs, Hugh. I hope all is well with yourself and the ship. Dec. 1st is the 1000th day of Geograph, so pop a cork for that!

Ian said...

Hi Hugh.

Hope all is going well. Everyones impressed with the photos in the office, I mean your home! Good to hear the kit is behaving itself atm. Sounds like you've been doing some pretty long shifts. I'll send your regards to all at SUCV on Sunday (Xmas meal).

All the best