Sunday, 25 November 2007

Another day in Stanley

Went for a couple of walks today with the camera - one through Stanley and the other to Gypsy Cove again, coming back around the coastline. Excellent light today. Plan for tomorrow is to form a human chain to move buckets of concrete into the tank and pack damaged area with 2 tons of concrete. Should be good for the shoulders.

Took lots of photos today, selection below.

Ruddy-headed Goose - common on the Falklands but scarce elsewhere so protected

Kelp Goose - Common on and off the Falklands. Female is dark, male white

Falkland Steamer Duck - flightless, as you can guess. This species is endemic to the Falklands there are no native land predators so the need for flight is reduced. This was one of a group of non-breeding birds that had strayed into the territory of a breeding pair while avoiding a Sea Lion.

Male Flightless Steamer Duck (underwater). Trying to drive the non-breeding birds away

Surfacing. Being flightless has allowed the head and bill to become bigger, probably making avoiding a cross bird a wise idea.

Magellanic Penguin - part of a small colony along the coast

Austral Thrush

Rufous-chested Dotterel, male - a common wader, unlike Eurasian Dotterel the male is brighter than the female.

Dolphin Gull - though this one was associated with the slightly less thrilling feature of a sewage outfall

Cruise ship Zodiac - cruise ships are a rapidly growing element of the Falklands economy, passengers being ferried ashore on RIBs. Te names of several naval ships are spelt out across the water.

Yorke Bay - again, very Hebridean, though the penguins aren't - several Magellanic and one King Penguin.

Turkey Vulture - common

Southern Giant Petrel - common and will probably be familiar from the ship for most of the crossing

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