Friday, 25 January 2013

Crevasse trip, Rothera

Up the snow/ice ramp from base there is a show crevasse that the field assistants (=glib term for very experienced mountaineers that look after us down here) kindly take us down every so often. This was my first trip down and despite it being an overcast day it was still spectacular down there. Some photos (some heavily processed):



 The ramp is getting very damp due to the warm weather. This is a stream running across the ice, collecting all the water running down the ramp.

The melting is increased by the dust and grit kicked off the runway by planes landing.The dark grit absorbs heat and melts several centimetres down through the snow:

Monday, 14 January 2013

Other wildlife, Rothera

The wildlife this far south isn't too varied, but there are always a few things around. A Minke Whale swam past the wharf this afternoon and Orcas have put in a few appearances, but no photos yet.

 Blue-eyed Shags

 South Polar Skuas. Photos taken during a survey of the breeding colony.

 Wilson's Petrel

 Leopard Seal

 Antarctic Tern

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Weddell Seals, Rothera


The wedds are are an ever-present and ever-cute presence around the point and on icebergs (though they are more vulnerable to the Orcas on the latter). The Orcas have made sporadic appearances but no photos yet.

This was a rather sad sight, an adult (presumably the mum) was swimming round the dead pup (in the shadows top left) nudging it with its nose and flippers, trying to wake it up.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Penguins, Rothera

Some photos of the Adelies around base. They are always fun to watch (including going past the office window on occasion). They seem curious, though it is mostly just because they are short sighted and attracted to anything walking around (or oil drums). Two waddled onto the pitch during our Christmas Day football game and another did a length of the runway during the New Year's Eve 10km (5.5 laps of the runway)

 Adult around 'The Point' (a small area we can walk round, a very pleasant after dinner stroll)

 Young bird around the point

  Adelie on base, with the Bonner lab (right) and new Dutch lab (left) behind

Well, at least if two join in the football it will be fair (photo: Tim Moffat)

 Helping walk the penguins off to safety (photo: Tim Moffat)