Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Almost off

To get this thing started, a quick note to say I am about to leave. The rough plan is:

5pm leave Cambridge (looking forward to that, as it's cold and grey here)
11pm leave Brize Norton
7.15am arrive Ascension Island, 27C and chance of Ascension Island Frigatebird from the customs cage
Some time later leave Ascension
Some time later still (6pm?) arrive Falklands - Mount Pleasant airport, get taken to Stanley
Thursday and Friday on Falklands. Mobilising the ship is first priority - involves unpacking the gear we need, making sure it is networked properly, and the instruments are charged. The cargo for Antarctica should either already be on board or be in containers so process shouldn't take 2 days. Therefore hopefully we should get some time to get out and see some wildlife - there are penguins a 10 minute drive from Stanley and a fair bit of wildlife even in and around the town.
Saturday - leave Falklands for Drake Passage crossing and various base visits (ending at Rothera, from where I fly back)

Dull I realise, but it will get more exciting

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CatB said...

I assume you won't be bothering to sleep until Saturday evening then... :-)
Hope you have a fun trip - and get some decent data too.