Friday, 27 December 2013

Gentoo penguins, Bertha's Beach

Quick stomp along the beach from Mare Harbour during bunkering
operations to the Gentoo Penguin colony was well worth it. There are
four subcolonies close together, olphin with several non-breeding birds
hanging around the edges. One skua was in attendance trying to get the
chicks and a few Dolphin Gulls hanging around for scraps.


Ceequal s said...

Hi Hugh. Just catching up on your blog as the clock ticks down to midnight here. So 'Happy New Year' from us.

We're following you on the JCR webcam and the plot of your route, and can see why you were looking forward to he trip down between the islands.

Have a great trip

Dad & Mum

Dillon Strang said...

Those penguin chicks would made make a good meal for some skuas and their chicks. Be funny to see one get snagged >:D