Saturday, 21 December 2013

Around Stanley, Falklands

Test post (dodgy internet connection), there may be all the right photos, but they are probably not in the right order

Quick trip out to Gypsy Cove on the evening we arrived in Stanley was worth it to take advantage of the unusually calm and sunny conditions. Plenty of Magellanics around the colony, a few Gentoos mixed in and somevery distant King Penguins.

An unusual sight along the shore towards Stanley was three Coscoroba Swans, which I haven't seen in the area before. They have shoveler-like bills, with curved ends and filaments for sieving the water and were happily feeding away unperturbed by people.

Also along the shore, and under the jetty to FIPASS (Falklands Interim Port and Storage System, built 1983), were some Black-crowned Night Herons.

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Simon said...

Glad you're down there safely. Hope the trip goes well and good luck coping without a proper plan ;o) Simon