Saturday, 29 December 2012

Vernadsky/Faraday base call

The trip down the Antarctic Peninsula included a stop at Vernadsky, a Ukranian base that used to be the UK's Faraday base. A stop is required to service the tide gauge, that dates back to the days of it being Faraday. Good weather and a not very tight schedule (we were half a day late for Rothera and had to make it a full day) meant we all got ashore. One of the guys coming down with us to help with the gliders, David White, was especially keen to get ashore as he wintered at Faraday in 83 and 84

 David behind the famous bar, built by a disgruntled wintering carpenter who was supposed to be doing something else with his time (and wood). The Ukranians made us very welcome, with plenty of food and homemade vodka.

 Vernadsky (formerly Faraday) base

 Someof the Gentoo Penguins. There were none here in 83/84 but the population has increased rapidly as the sea ice extent has reduced along the Peninsula

The first load getting ferried back to the JCR.

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