Monday, 10 December 2012

South Georgia rat eradication

Good news recently that the rat eradication on South Georgia will continue. The plan involves spreading poison from a helicopter on very tightly controlled and checked paths to ensure there is poison everywhere. More poison will be spread by hand on cliffs and in caves and buildings, supported by small yachts. The first phase around King Edward Point has been successful and more small birds are already being seen in the area.

If this work isn't done soon the glaciers will retreat further leaving a beach in front of them that rats could get along. This means that larger areas would have to baited at once and the changeable weather on the island mean that windows for helicopter flying are often short.

More details here and more general details of this and other rat eradication projects here

Rusting whaling station, Grytviken was last operational 50 years ago

Some areas of Grytviken whaling station have been removed to make it safe for tourists. It was initially abandoned with nothing removed as the whalers expected to return.

Some photos of Grytviken whaling station, in the area of rat eradication, I didn't get round to posting in April when I was there.

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