Monday, 7 February 2011

King Edward Point and Grytviken

King Edward Point is the capital of South Georgia, Grytviken is the old whaling base at the head of the bay.

 King Edward Point (all of it)
Most of the inhabitants(King Penguins)

 Grytviken, beyond KEP

 The church and museum, and some of the old whaling station tanks. The station closed in December 1966.

 The rest of the rusting station

 The Hanseatic, listing over in the strong winds. There was a steady 25 knot wind with 50 knot katabatic gusts bouncing around the bay. Katabatic winds are when air cools, becomes dense and falls down big mountains (The mountains here are big and cold, 50 knots is being let off fairly lightly)

A katabatic gust going by in Cumberland Bay

 A few views of the rest of the bay

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