Friday, 21 January 2011

End of cruise catch up I

Now back in the Falklands, all packed up and ready to leave the ship. Rather wet outside so starting to catch up on photo processing. Some photos from the last week and a bit (some from South Georgia and Falklands still to do)

Pushing in to a bit of a sea.

White-chinned Petrel

Black-browed Albatross landing:





 Landing Gear


Try to look a bit more graceful

 Say hello

Have a quick preen

Sit waiting for something to happen, which as we're not a fishing boat is a bit of a waste of time, but never mind. These were some of about 60 Black-browed Albatrosses we had around the ship at the time, together with about 100 Giant petrels, 2-300 White-chinned and a few Wandering Albatrosses

 Wanderers are big
 Really, very big (the bird in the foreground is the size of a large gull)

 Then had a good time with albatrosses riding the updraft of the ship again



 Light-mantled Sooty

Then noticed some rapid movement in the water: Hourglass Dolphins

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ilazki said...

Hi there! How are you? Hope you are fine!
I'm sharing your blog with some of my colleagues, "birdmen" most of all, because you have amazing shots of birdies!!!
I was wondering if you would give me your permission to publish some of those dolphins' pictures on AMBAR's Facebook profile. I would write your name, what you do, where you get to see the animals, and all the story. Let me know, ok? Take care! AGUR!