Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fossil Bluff - the surroundings

Belemnite Fossil, fairly common in some areas
Frost-shattered rock. Fossil Bluff includes many glacial and periglacial featured that you're encouraged to imagine on geography field trips happening 10-20,000 years earlier in the Lake District.
The glacier feeding into Belemnite Valley. The aspect makes it asymmetrical, with greater loss from the north-facing side
Lots of Belemnites
A light dusting of snow near the cottage
Looking towards Pyramid (750m high, mostly scree). A horseshoe walk is possible around the corrie glacier
Lichen, other than a single skua this was the only other living thing we found (mould in the kitchen excluded)
Looking towards Pyramid
Looking over the base (hidden) towards Succession Cliffs
Bivalve fossils
Glacier, largely covered in debris from the slopes
The view from the veranda

The stunning surroundings around Fossil Bluff. It certainly lives up to
its name.

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