Friday, 24 December 2010

Off and going

We left Stanley on the 21st, with all our cargo (including some boxes that were originally put on another reasearch ship by mistake and then taken off just in time when it made an unscheduled return to port to fix motor problems). Another trip out to Gypsy Cove the day before found it a somewhat more relaxed place.

 Gypsy Cove II, for those who like nature to be cute and cuddly
The JCR and the Fram at FIPASS, Stanley

Lifeboat deployed (for testing)

Leaving through the Narrows

 Afterdeck, without the stern gantry, which got damaged last summer. It means we can only use a small net

 Block suspended from a couple of wires tied between the trawl posts, means we can fish with the normal wire which will make things much easier.

 Wandering Albatross

 Wilson's Petrels

 Southern Royal Albatross

 Great Shearwater

Grey-headed Albatross

We're now just a couple of hours away from our first waypoint close to South Georgia. Testing of kit has gone well so hopefully we'll soon be into the science. A Fin Whale came fairly close during one of the stops, hopefully there will be plenty more.

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