Thursday, 26 August 2010

South Georgia dusk to dawn

Late update, never quite get round to posting the last photos of a cruise. Photos taken 20th and 21st April. We called in briefly to King Edward Point (KEP, 'capital' of South Georgia) to pick someone up and give the doctor some supplies (some medicines, it wasn't just chocolate). Fantastic cloudscape (and demob silliness) that evening and then we stayed in the shelter of the fjord overnight. Still being on nightshift pattern meant I saw the stars and dawn as well:

The Southern Cross

Jupiter over a ridge as dawn broke:

And looking the other way

For those interested, the nighttime photographs were hand held, resting on a 'bean-bag' (actually my gloves shoved in my hat, luckily it was quite warm) on the side of the ship (it was also very calm) with shutter times of 0.5 to 1 seconds, ISO 800-1600.


Harry said...

Hi Hugh
we are the kids you met on the skirrid moutain in Wales on 2nd of august 2010. thanks for spotting the red kite none of us had ever seen one you really made our day a rememarable one too. the red haired one {Harry} would like you to know when he grows up he wants to be a oceanogrepher like you. keep those photos coming.

Thanks Harry, Charlie and Tom

ilazki said...

Hi Hugh!!! This is Ilazki! From the Basque Country!!! It's been long till you've published new stuff in your blog! How are you??? It's nice to see your great pictures (although I hate you because I envy you so much!!!).

Helene; Florent; Matthias said...

as usual, it is beautiful! Lucky lucky you.

Helene, still stuck in NJ ;-)