Sunday, 4 April 2010

Southern Right Whale (and it's cold)

Just as I was about to turn in yesterday news went round the ship that there was a whale close in on the starboard side. Turned out to be a Southern Right Whale, a relatively rare species but one I've seen a few times this trip (including a brief view of a tail earlier in the day). It continued to hang around the ship, coming within a few metres at times.

Split 'V' shaped blow

Arched jawline

Right Whales also don't have a dorsal fin

Quite close!

It showed the tail properly once but I was in the wrong place for a photo at the time. Interestingly, as it did, a second Southern Right Whale stuck its tail up as well:
It regular showed its tail flat on the surface but didn't raise it again

Also of note yesterday was the temperature, reaching -9C during the day, which is cold enough for the sea spray to freeze, and given that we were pushing into a force 7 at times (south-westerly, straight from the area of sea ice), there was a fair bit of spray. We now have light northerlies and the temperature is a balmy -2.

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