Thursday, 19 November 2009

Some work, some wind

Trip down to the Falklands went largely to plan. The announcement at Brize Norton that they had to reduce the weight of the plane and some passengers wouldn't fly was a bit worrying but it was soon announced that those left would be military. The plan was to sail on Tuesday morning but it was blowing 40knots in the harbour so we stayed tied up - we were never going to get any work done, or make much progress to where we wanted to work. We ended up leaving 6am Wednesday in wet but not very windy conditions. Wildlife was good as always on the passage away from the Falklands, highlight being two Commerson's Dolphins that escorted us out of the harbour. Got on to nights OK through sleeping a small amount at night (1.30am-5.30am) and then again after lunch. Mangaed one full shift of work last night but blowing again now so we're sitting around doing not a lot (well, actually 2 knots sideways in a strong current and trying to work out the best use of the time we have left).

Some good light this morning so got the camera out for the first time:

Wandering Albatross

Black-browed Albatross

Southern Royal Albatross

Wilson's Storm Petrel

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