Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Whale and ice photos

The right lower jaw is white on Fin Whale. No idea why they are asymmetric

Fin Whales occasionally show their tail when feeding at the surface, but not when diving. The relatively large and swept-back dorsal fin identify it as a Fin Whale. The Sei Whales we saw as we left Falklands had much steeper and larger fins.

The splashguard and blowhole

Iceberg. Some ice must have fallen off, bringing ice above the surface that had been in the water.
The bit to the left is attached to the main berg by an ice foot - akin to a sea stack on a wave-cut platform.

Further to the last post, the whales stuck around and a couple came close enough to the afterdeck for some photos. Interestingly, one of the guys on board who has been coming south since the late 70s says that this sort of gathering of whales was unknown back then, so maybe there is some recovery in numbers since the end of whaling (60s - scarily recent). No Blue Whales seen but they are heard by moored hydrophones near South Georgia so there are still some around. Only a tiny percentage of how many there were though. Hopefully they are also increasing but it may be some time before we notice a recovery.

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